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My visit to the Campo (country)

This post is about a trip I made to the campo (country) with my friends.  We left San Clemente Ecuador via moto bike and turned left at Rocafuerte and then right into an unnamed area.  We visited Eida parents house.

The house is very rustic and typical of this area of Ecuador.  It is constructed of wood beams and cana.  Not many nails, not many modern structure points at all.

They grow maiz, mani, papaya, and a few other plants.  They have chickens, doves, pigeons, birds in cages, a donkey, a horse, 3 dogs and who knows what else living there.  I love the hammocks strung under the house.  It is very tranquil there.


This parrot landed on my hammock as I was in it.  The parrot was probably 9 inches tall.



Here is a picture of the typical outside kitchen.  It has the traditional rounded fire pit in the middle for cooking by wood.  They put plantains right in the fire on the edges of the bowl shape to roast them.


Every time I go there, they feed me, usually a chicken soup, a piece of chicken and rice.  Im sure that chicken was alive when I arrived there, but boy did it taste good!




Figuring it out…  1 campo casa at a time..


4 thoughts on “My visit to the Campo (country)

  1. Now we know where Eida gets the talent to cooking the best chicken dinners in Ecuador. We certainly miss her dinners, but will be back in November to enjoy them once more…..

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