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Whale watching from San Clemente

This post is about the Humpback whale watching trips offered by Casa Punta Bikini in San Clemente Manabi Ecuador.

We meet in the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean in front of Palmazul Hotel in San Clemente.

We got wet up to our knees getting in and out of the boat.  We took off for water far from land to see the whales.  When we got to an area where they sometimes are, I asked Pasqual the captain “How deep is the water here?”  He stated only about 13 meters deep.  Thats equivalent to 40 feet deep.  I thought the whales would need much deeper water, but apparently not.




Pasqual looking for whales.



Pasqual, being a great captain, working in tandem with his son Diego on the front of the boat.

As we were going, we could see shore and noticed Bahia de Caraquez, Las Olas development project, Pajonal Beach, Chirije retreat, Helge’s land, and San Clemente.


Several times we saw spouts of water in the distance.  Each time we went that way, they would not be there.  After about 1.5 hours or hoping and looking, we decided to move more North towards Bahia.  Then we saw some water spouts and headed that way.

As we got closer, we realized the whales would let us get closer.  We slowly went closer and 2 adults and a baby were having a ball.  They really gave us a treat as we were only about 100 meters from them with the engine off.

**** As usual, here is a disclaimer:  Have you ever been on a rocking boat and tried just standing up, much less trying to take great photos, and then taking photos of moving creatures, and then taking photos of moving creatures when you never know when they will surface??  Well I learned just how hard it is to take this type of photo.  SO, some pics are good, while others, well…  just use your imagination what the picture should have been of…  jajaja



We mostly saw their pectoral fins in the air, which means they were sideways in the water often.








This photo depicts (not really, jajaja) the time when the tail was out of the water the most.  I missed the shot, rats!




This video probably shows the experience better than the photos.





The size of the pectoral fin was hard to judge, but it had to be at least 15 feet long.







Everybody had a great time and we were thrilled that they put on a 20 minute show for us.  Definitely a successful trip!




Figuring it out… 1 whale wave at a time…


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