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The way they do things in Ecuador, Part 4

This post series is about ways things are done in or near San Clemente Ecuador.
This is just the way I view things and how they are different than what I am used to.

There is no right or wrong.  Some things are more simple.  Some things are more complicated.  Some things are how it should be.  Some things are exactly opposite of how they should be.

But, this is only my vision with no judgments.  Just visions.


Flintstones free weights



Counter balanced bathroom doors.  Im going to use this idea for the window to the kitchen in the hostal.


Street games with rocks.

I went to the Motor Vehicle office to get a motorcycle license.  I didnt know it, but I had to have long pants to get inside.  Since I ALWAYS wear shorts here, I found myself in a bind.  I talked to the guy who was helping me, and he sent his friend home to bring back some pants.  When he came back, I put the jeans on directly over the shorts I was wearing.  Worked like a charm.


Who knew you would need long pants?  It doesnt matter what the pants looked like, as long as they were long.  🙂


Dog on a roof.


Cat entrance to a house.


Ok, mathmaticians, help me out here.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing to have the same # twice on your card?  And, yes, we use corn kernels as our markers!

The General Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Need I say more???

Disclaimer:  Again, these pics are just how I see things here.  No judgments.

Figuring it out… 1 interpretation at a time.


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