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My Ecuadorian Adventure

This blog is about my adventures, sights, sounds, friends, thoughts, observations, photos, videos, etc about the time I am spending in Ecuador getting my mom settled as she retires in San Clemente.  As more time goes on, the more I plan to stay here and make a life of it here. This blog is my personal views/thoughts/vision.  If this blog is helpful to others, then that is a bonus!  Enjoy!

Sept 4, 2013

My adventure has changed to the point that my mother and I bought a property that will serve as her house and a hostel / restaurant space.

We are both excited about this new venture and look forward to any success that comes with it.  I guess I am staying for awhile!  Be sure to go to casapuntabikini.com for any San Clemente dining or accommodation needs!



2 thoughts on “My Ecuadorian Adventure

  1. I’m hoping you can help me figure this one out… How do you discourage a stray cat from returning to your property even after you’ve driven it away and dumped it twice? I’m thinking of naming this cat El Diablo – is it La Diabla if it’s a female devil? Sweet cat, very affectionate, but we just don’t want it around disrupting the harmony with the other homeless cat (H.K.). Can you figure this one out four paws at a time for me?

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