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Frigata Rescue

I was at my house the other day at sunset in San Clemente / San Alejo and noticed something in the water.  It was a frigata bird.  Then I noticed that it was having trouble.  Closer inspection revealed that it had a broken wing.  I called a friend on the fire department hoping they would help.

I left to do some other things.  As I was driving on  my way back about 4 hours later, I looked in the water and the Frigata was still there.  And still alive.  I called 911 for them to help the bird.  This is not uncommon here in Ecuador to call 911 for a somewhat trivial matter.  The system is new here.  About 15 minutes later, someone called me back.  With my lack of spanish comprehension on the telephone, I believe I heard him say that someone would be out there tomorrow.  I asked him to send someone now as I was there with the animal now.  If they came on their own, they probably would never see the bird on the beach in the surf.

After waiting for 15 more minutes, I figured they were not going to show up.  We decided to take matters into our own hands, literally.  So, my friend Lidia went down to the water to scoop up the bird.  I stayed in the car like another type of bird (chicken) because I was with a sick friend.  Astonishingly, she came up from the ocean with the frigata.





You can clearly see the broken wing.


We gently placed the bird in the back of the car I borrowed (and yes, I received a scowled look from the owner of the car :))


We traveled to the police station and spoke with the policeman there.  He knew about the situation, but was pretty startled that I brought the bird to him.  Yep, he got the sucker shift of the night, he was actually going to have to do something!!  He reached in the car, grabbed the bird without securing its beak, and removed it from the trunk.  The bird was snapping its beak, but he never bit the policeman.  The policeman took the bird to the back of the police station, we said “thanks” and the adventure ended.

What happened to the bird?  I know you are asking that but your imagination will have to be the moderator.  I hope the bird made it to the shelter for injured animals.  I believe it is in Portoviejo.


Good luck, skipper!!

Figuring it out…  1 broken wing at a time



4 thoughts on “Frigata Rescue

  1. Love your blog. We can hear your humor through your words; however, I am stumped. Could this be the same man that calls Jasmine “BAD GIRL?” How are the girls….please keep an eye open for Sparkey (the smiley dog in town that I adopted. Hearing great things of your “Dinner Nite”. Will send news and pix of Banos we are thoroughly enjoying.
    Vance & Cindy

    • Thanks!! Yeah, just remember, I helped Jasmine through 2 surgeries, and Sadie with 2 as well. When they are hurt, they get more help than normal, but Jasmine is still a bad girl! haha. Miss you guys, I wanna hear about your travels!
      See ya soon, I hope!

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