The Arts Come To San Clemente, Ecuador

We went to the ballet in San Jacinto on my birthday and then to a variety show in San Clemente the next night. John did a fantastic job of documenting this, so I thought I would share it! More fun, community oriented happenings in this little town. Both free to attend, of course! Enjoy!

Living It Up in Ecuador

About a week ago we heard that a traveling troupe from the Quito Ballet company was going to perform a program in San Jacinto on Thursday night.  We looked into it further and Mary found the web-site for the Quito Ballet and found out that, sure enough, there was a dance program scheduled for 7:30 in San Jacinto and we started to spread the word and arrange rides for interested neighbors.

Early this week we heard that the same program that was scheduled for San Jacinto would be performed in San Clemente on Friday night.  There was no mention of the performance in San Clemente on the Ballet company’s web-site, so we were confused.  Many of those who had planned to attend in San Jacinto decided to forgo that trip and just attend on Friday in San Clemente.

Early Thursday morning I rode downtown and asked Mr. Zambrano if indeed there was…

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