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Visiting a local Finca (farm)

A local fisherman friend of mine, Presley, called me and invited me to go look at his farm “on the other side of the point” from San Clemente Ecuador.

Of course, I accepted readily.  He said come by tomorrow at 11.

So, tomorrow at 11, there I was ready to go.

So on the north end of town, the valley succumbs to what is known as Bikini Point.

The only real way around it is to go around the point at low tide on the beach.


So I get to Presleys beach cabana and have a seat and wait.  He says we need to wait a while longer for the tide to go out.

While we are waiting, we are talking with a couple of his friends and his wife brings out lunch for us all.  I had just eaten, knowing I would be going on an a day trip.  But they provided the food, and I happily ate fried shrimp with rice, salad and a tasty fresh squeezed mandarin juice drink.  If you dont eat before going, there is never food it seems.  But, Ive never been one to not eat more!!

So 5 of us piled into a really small car and off we went.

Driving from roads onto the beach is always an adventure as you have to go real fast to not get stuck in the soft at the edge of the beach.  We drove past Bikini Point (Punta Bikini).  We see the land that a German guy bought (4000 acres I think) and we turned off the beach right before it.  Again, driving on the edge of the beach is always tough in the soft sand.  We bounced and pivoted, but came out none the worse.  The wife opened the gate, and off we went.  We were on his sisters land first.  Here is the view from the bamboo house they are building here.


Sort of panoramic view from the cabin.


Presley and the view.


The stairs going up to the top floor.


The stairs coming down.


The view is very refreshing here.  Peaceful.





House and the view.

One of my favorite things in Ecuador are the Ceibo trees.  These trees are huge, majestic, wise and EVERY tree is completely different.

Some have a coke bottle shape trunk, nice and smooth.  Some have ribbed roots going high up the tree.




Presleys finca (farm), where he is growing papaya, onions, yuca, chilis, watermelon and much more.  All work is done by hand.DSCN2969


2 Ceibos.


The branch patterns always seem to amaze me.




Presley in the root system.


This might provide a sense of scale.


I was teasing with Presley to just leave me here for the night and come pick me back up tomorrow.  He offered me a standing invite.DSCN2977



I love these trees.


Ok, birders, where is the red bird in this pic?  I know, its hard to see, but it was quite sharp red when it turned sideways.DSCN2981

These termites were enjoying their host tree.DSCN2982


Another nice day hanging out here in Ecuador.

The tide was high, so we exited an actual road.  It is not a public road as there are several locked gates to get through.  They say this road is not passable in 2 areas during the rainy season.

Thanks Presley for a great day!

Figuring it out… 1 finca at a time.


9 thoughts on “Visiting a local Finca (farm)

  1. Great report Dave.

    I went to that same finca with Juan (another relative), but we went by bicycle and both of our bikes broke down. We had to carry them back. We got stranded by high tide and had to wait a couple of hours to get around the point. Still it was a great day and we had a good time.

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