How did you celebrate Good Friday???

Well, in true San Clemente EC style, a religious holiday was celebrated with much music, dancing and cerveza.  Good Friday was no exception!

The streets were quite busy with revelers last night.  I expect today will be much busier.

This is Easter weekend in Ecuador.  Ecuador is predominantly Catholic in religion.  I did not celebrate too many holidays back in the states, but I do enjoy how they celebrate holidays here.  There are many people in the streets having a good time.  There is not much of this type of thing in the U.S.  You would need to get permits, pay for the permit, close the road legally, and have to hire police to “protect” the people, provide trash service, etc.  (key word “ETC”!)  Here, the whole town is out and there are many visitors from all the cities around here.  It is a great chance to meet new people and have a good time dancing in the streets.

Pictures and videos:


I love the music systems they have here!


Party section of town.



Some friendly amigos dancing in their truck.


Patricia and friends


Which is tilted:  ME or the CAMERA??  I bet I know which!!


Showing off the free schwag I won from the stage at 2 different times.

I love the shirt, but its a quick way to make a LARGE shirt look SMALL.

I bet the bottle opener will come in handy.


Thanks to Bethany, I was not the only gringo around!!


Gettin down!!


A series of 30 second videos:

Street Dance Party just after sunset before it really got going:

Street Dance Party late night:

Dance contest (notice the ages of the women onstage – 15, 50, 25 (L to R)  Not much of a generation gap here, eh?:

Another video of the dance contest:

It was a fantastic time in San Clemente and a great way to forget about how wet my house is/was!

Figuring it out even when my shirt is way too small…