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Marlin fishing from Manta

This post from San Clemente Ecuador wont provide much dialogue, but lots of pictures. To sum the trip up, we caught a lot of water and 0 Marlin.  You know the phrase, “go big or go home”?  Well, we went big and went home empty handed.  The consolation prize was the dolphin shows we were treated with. Enjoy the pics!!

DSCN3882 DSCN3883 DSCN3884 DSCN3885 DSCN3886 DSCN3887 DSCN3889 DSCN3890 DSCN3891 DSCN3892 DSCN3893 DSCN3894 DSCN3895 DSCN3898 DSCN3899 DSCN3900 DSCN3901 DSCN3902 DSCN3903 DSCN3904 DSCN3905 DSCN3906 DSCN3908 DSCN3909 DSCN3910 DSCN3911 DSCN3912 DSCN3913 DSCN3914 DSCN3915 DSCN3916 DSCN3917 DSCN3918 DSCN3919 DSCN3921

Figuring it out…  1 fishing trip at a time…


5 thoughts on “Marlin fishing from Manta

  1. Love the dolphin shots…I would have gone just for that!!! Sorry we never got to meet you last Feb, did meet your Mom, Rich introduced us…hope to be back next Feb and maybe get to meet you…

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