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The Point Restaurant at Casa Punta Bikini

Last night was the opening night of “The Point” Restaurant @ Casa Punta Bikini here in San Clemente Ecuador.  I partnered up with Jessica & Steven McCavour to create a once a week different dining experience here in San Clemente.  Our Mission was to have fun, cook great food and provide a service on slow night.  Most of the other restaurants are closed down on Mondays, so we think we picked a good day of the week.  There are other “regularly scheduled outings”, so we steered clear of those as well.

Our first endeavor was Burger & Fries night.  We figured that most people were dying for a good burger and fries.  And, by the turnout we had  just in the first hour, our suspicions were correct!  Over 50 people arrived by 6pm after we opened at 5 pm.  Clearly, we were overwhelmed logistically, but in reality, we were overwhelmed with the expat community support for something new in town!!  Thank you so much to everyone who came out!!

We had our challenges, but we did the best we could and in the end we felt successful.  We will continue the restaurant on each Monday night.  Our menu goal is to provide food that people just cant here, or cannot get in a reasonable quality.  Next week we will have 2 types of pasta dishes available.  We will update with this info soon.  Thanks for being patient with us on our first night, it was much appreciated!!


The fries after the first round of prep work.


Making sure each burger was 1/3 of a pound.




The first patrons!!



Libby directing traffic.


Libby taking care of our customers!!  We could not have done it without her.


A VERY full house!


A late night “first beer” with Princess Jasmine looking on.


I love taking photos of everyone taking photos, but im not sure why.


It was a great night, we had a lot of fun, mixed with a bunch of stress, but we will be…

Figuring it out…  1 meal at a time!!

Thanks for viewing and coming out to support us!!



5 thoughts on “The Point Restaurant at Casa Punta Bikini

  1. Great burger and fries! You guys seemed to have it well in hand, no sign of stress, so I think you pulled it off. Opening night is always the hardest. Looking forward to pasta night!

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