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Swimming in the ocean today, wow, what a great time

So this morning I went swimming in the Pacific Ocean here in San Clemente Ecuador.

The air temp was perfect, the water temp perfect, a great way to wake up.

I decided to take my new camera with me and have some fun.  I was rewarded with pretty clear water, many different types of birds out for breakfast and swimming where my shoulder had no pain!


Here are some pics and videos.









Here is a video of what it takes for me to go swimming:


It was wonderful sharing my morning with the frigates, pelicans and terns.  They were all hungry and did not seem to mind me being in their cereal bowl.  The birds were real curious and would get the closest to me when I was swimming backstroke, they were very interested in this strange sea creature.


Ive actually had this experience the last 3 days in a row.

I thought there were some blue footed boobies in the water with me.  Others have seen them on the beach.  I couldnt get a close look, but I was wondering if they were terns or blue footed boobies.

Figuring it out…  1 blue footed bird at a time…






9 thoughts on “Swimming in the ocean today, wow, what a great time

  1. Another great post…..we miss you and glad to hear you are keeping the village safe and secure while we are away.

    Unfortunately, Ecuador will not allow us to enter back into the country until Nov 19th…..so we are visiting some other countries and will be there on the coast enjoying San Clemente the last couple of months of the year……always keep you eyes open for a rental. You know exactly what we like, and remember, we can cover your place whenever you need a break.

    All our best…..Cindy & Vance

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