Intermediate Spanish Class

Casa Punta Bikini in San Clemente Ecuador hosted an intermediate Spanish class this week.  There were 10 people in attendance.

It was most definitely a challenging class, but the instructor, David DeChambeau did a great job adjusting the pace of the class to help us out.


Everyone felt challenged and learned quite a bit, quickly!


Left to right, top row:  John & Mary, Libby, Bethany, Gerri, Linda.

Bottom row: Mary David & Jessica.

Not pictured:  Stephen and I.

We learned many new verbs and their uses, por vs para, ser vs estar, past tense, future tense and MUCH more!

We will hold more classes in the future at Casa Punta Bikini.  There will be a basic class starting after Carnavale, contact us for interest!!

Thanks to David DeChambeau for teaching the class.  Great job!!

Figuring it out… 1 gerund preterite imperfect tense at a time.