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The way they do things in Ecuador – Part 3

Part 3 in an ongoing post about “the way they do things in Ecuador”.

These posts are not meant to be judgmental in any way.  They are how I see the world differently from where I came from.

I have been inspired / found the EC way or the US way to be funny / differences / simplistic methods.

Here are links to a few other blogs who note something similar:

Vickie Caper’s blog post  This shows a few ideas.

John & Mary’s blog post  This shows how to build a staircase.

Picture of Vickie Caper’s workers plugging in their electric drill.

Not the safest method, but highly effective.  (photo credit Vickie Caper)


How to protect sea turtle eggs from everything:  people, birds, dogs, fish, etc.


Here is how the Ecuadorian ants work together to get a job done.


Who needs an operating room when you can spay your dog at home!



Here is how to landscape the backyard leading to the ocean.  A lot of sand, shoveled from the beach, and shoveled into the yard.


What is the difference in these 2 hot dogs?  Nothing you may ask?  You would be wrong.

The one on the right has a thin, very hard to see plastic wrapper around the hot dog.  At first you think it is just a thick “skin” for the hot dog.  But after cooking them and trying to eat one, you notice IMMEDIATELY there is something wrong.  Thats right, they individually wrap the hot dogs even though they are packaged as a group like normal hot dogs.  ARGH!  You gotta peel the hot dogs first.  Who knew?!

I put on my Ecuadorain thinking cap when a friends boy had a toy go on the roof of my house.  It was out of reach with a ladder and a broom, and I cant walk on the tile roof, so….


Get the smallest person around to hold the ladder.


Put the ladder at the highest point of the roof.


I figured duct always helps.

Tape 2 brooms together.


Stretch & reach!


After several opposite broom operation motions later, OILAH, the $0.25 toy!

Pretty dangerous for a cheap toy, but we got it!!

Figuring it out… 1 simple way at a time.


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