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Canton Sucre Reina del Bomberos

I was invited to go to the awarding of the Reina del Bomberos for the Canton Sucre for the San Clemente area.  Sucre is the name of the district or county we live in.  What this means is they chose a queen for the fire department for the local area of Bahia, San Clemente & Charapoto.

There were 3 contestants.


This little girl led the procession.



Last years Reina


Reina de Bahia de Caraquez


Reina de San Clemente


 Reina de Charapoto


The contestants.


The Reina de Charapoto for the speech portion.  Unfortunately, she bombed on this saying only “good evening ladies and gentlemen”, then she froze for about 30 seconds.  People clapped, and she  walked back to where the others were standing.


Reina de Bahia presenting her speech.  She did fine.


The contestants were all given bouquets of flowers.


The judges.


The contestants and judges tallying the scores.





Well, in true photographer fasion, my camera battery died.  haha

The winner was the Reina de Bahia de Caraquez.

Now, for all you conspiracy theorists out there, the event was held in Bahia, and the main station is out of Bahia, and the chief is from (I bet you cant guess)  BAHIA!!

Now im not saying it was rigged, but….

In all seriousness, the Reina de Bahia was the clear winner with San Clemente coming in a strong 2nd ahead of the silent Charapoto.

In normal Ecuadorian fashion, they fed everyone a plate of food.

It was  a fun ceremony that only lasted 45 minutes.  Now everyone here knows that the show could have started 2 hours late and they could have talked for an additional 2 hours, so this was a pleasant amount of time for the ceremony.

Figuring it out… 1 queen at a time



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  1. You would have been a good judge. Maybe next year. I liked your last post about your visitors as well. I am curious about the mold on your lawn. Is it toxic or just organic? Looks disgusting and fascinating. We live in a crazy biological world don’t we?
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