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House Guests 14

This is another installment of the House Guests series.

I had many repeat visitors that were not worth reposting about.

I have been quite busy lately, so, after much time, here are the recent guests:




That is one small gecko!



A hair to show scale (I put it there on purpose  *** snicker, snicker)




These shrimp house guests didnt last too long once inside. 



 They are huge and yummy!



This guest is under the table on the left.



This was a good sized frog.  



Probably as big as my fist.



Thats a broom beside him.  I used it to sweep him out to the street.



This is a mold that is growing on the grass here.


It sprouts up, then turns black after a few days. 



Then the particles on top are so small, the lightest of breeze turns the mold to a cloud of dust.




Presumably to spread the mold to the next area.  I guess this could be a form of mushroom as well.


This house guest was found in the yard.  Either it splashed in from the ocean (which is plausible because the waves hit the rocks in front of the house and splash in the yard) or a pelican or frigate dropped it and it just happened to land in my yard.  Even though he wasnt alive, I threw him back to the water.





Thats it for this installment of House Guests.

Tune in next time for more

Figuring it out…  


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