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Turtle washed up on shore

Sorry guys, but there have been 2 animals washed up on shore lately.  Today on the beach in San Clemente Ecuador I saw a turtle that had washed up on shore.  It was in great physical shape.  most things washed up on shore have been picked at by sea animals as well as land animals.


Jasmine the dog checking it out.



This turtle was in remarkable shape for being washed ashore.




My foot for size reference.



And, as usual, the kid side me in made me turn it over and look at the underside.


Poor guy, I hope he died of old age.

The cycle of nature and life keeps on churning.

Figuring it out… 1 sea creature at a time.


One thought on “Turtle washed up on shore

  1. I read the book, LIFE OF PI, and Shipwrecked PI caught fish and sea turtles to survive. They were his favorite raw dish and didn’t waste one bit.

    I am in awe of the sea and the creatures in it, especially the big and unusual.

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