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Hostal in San Clemente

Well, if I thought I was busy before, things will sure be a lot more busy as of 2 days ago.  My mother and I purchased a property with a house for her and a hostal.  It wont take too much work to get 5 rooms ready for rent.  I want to have rooms available by Sept 7th for the large festival here in San Clemente Ecuador.


Here are some preliminary photos.  I know some of these pics make the house look in rough shape, but it is all cosmetic work that is easily and cheaply renovated.



View from upper deck looking towards the road.


Left side fence murals.


Upper deck


upper br 1


upper br 2


upper br 3


upper br 4


courtyard facing hostal


facing Libby’s casa (left side of the property.


front view


kitchen left


kitchen right.


lower level hang out area left


lower level hangout area right.


kitchen view from hangout area.


lower bedroom.


Entry mural.



The tasks for the first 2 weeks to be ready for the festival:

hookup electricity

get plumbing working

complete overhaul of 1 bathroom

smooth and paint walls

buy mattresses, stove, fridge, washing machine


install door locks

This is just some of the first weeks’ tasks.  I hope to have a hostal up and running bare bones within 2 weeks of purchase for the upcoming Sept 7th Festival.

Wish me luck.

Stay tuned for more updates

Figuring it out… 1 major project at a time.





14 thoughts on “Hostal in San Clemente

  1. Hey Dave, Congradulation to you and your mom. Looks like lots of work. Keep us up-dated and God’s speed. Dave & Peggy Guyer

  2. Dave, it looks beautiful! The power went out on Thursday just as we were getting to your place, so I am very happy to see the pics!
    I look forward to seeing it when we visit again next year. Good luck with the renos…as you said, the basics are there for sure.
    All the best!

    • Thanks Jim. The coffee saga continues, but it will be solved one day, I promise!!
      I think it will be a nice place to hang out in San Clemente.
      Thanks for viewing!

  3. Dave,
    Would love to see pictures of the finished project. Looks like a lot of work but I am sure it will clean up nicely. Hope you can add a coffee shop on the first floor so Jim can have his coffee!

    • Yeah, I will have updated pics later this week. Jim missed out on the first day of coffee here at the new hostel. One picky patron (haha Tio) called it “terrible”, but he still had 4 cups. Jim didnt stop by today, so he can have day old tomorrow. haha. Take care.

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