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New(er) Bunker gear for local fire department

Hello all

I have been quite busy lately, thus no new posts.  I am trying to catch up here in San Clemente Ecuador.

I have been working with my fire department back in the US to send some bunker gear down here where it is much needed.  My department recently received new bunker gear, so the gear they will be sending is in pretty good condition still.  The term “bunker gear” is used for the fire retardant clothing fire fighters wear.  It is very protective, but very heavy and bulky.

The fire department down here does not have much, so anything will be a big help.

My department had a newspaper article soliciting help and had a booth set up at the local fair.

Link to the newspaper article

Please look at the above article.  It was nice to see how well it was written up and hopefully enough funds will be generated to ship the gear from Nederland Colorado to San Clemente Ecuador.



Here is the display set up at the Gilpin County Fair in Colorado.  Many people thought this was a memorial for me, and asked “what happened to Hitchcock?”  Many people got a laugh out of that when it was explained what it was all about.


DSCN2267Here is a group photo of the San Clemente / Bahia Bomberos after a training.

So, if all goes well, there will be 5 new sets of bunker gear and some hose for the fire truck.

Thanks so much to the fire departments back home helping out with an international lending hand!!

Figuring it out… 1 donation at a time.




16 thoughts on “New(er) Bunker gear for local fire department

  1. Hi Dave – love following your adventures and looking into moving down there myself.

    Having done a lot of fundraising for non-profits, I suggest that the guys in CO contact the closest DHL office with this story and see if they would be willing to ship the equipment for free or at a greatly reduced cost. I’ve found that you usually get a good reception if you approach them. If you don’t get anywhere with the local office, Call the assistant to the President of the company. That almost gets some action.

    Good luck!


    • Alan, thanks for reading along with my some times “mis” adventures as well. I am glad I can help give you a glimpse of life here.
      Great idea about requesting DHL to help out. I will pass this on to my fire department.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. way to go David ! Grateful the donations are for shipping and not your memorial. 🙂 We’ll go ahead and reblog. Hopefully others out there will donate and you all can get this life saving equipment here to SC. We’re still working on getting , at the minimum, two portable defibrillators for the area of San Jacinto and San Clemente. What do you think, should we make it three and add that to the Fire Department’s equipment?

  3. Hi David, I am amazed at all the wonderful things you have done in your short time here in San Clemente ! The gear you will receive for fire fighters enhances the entire community ! It might even prevent a serious injury one day. Rocky Mountain Kodo’s to you for embracing your new town !! Your dreams will come true here !

    Best, Keith

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