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Beach Rescue

So, I have been quite busy lately and not been able to create any new posts.  I have several San Clemente Ecuador stories coming up, so stay tuned over the next few days.

So yesterday I hopped on the fire truck here in San Clemente for a fire call.  While in the truck, I looked down and laughed when i realized I was wearing flip flops on a fire call.  We went emergent down the beach road, and I did not know what the call was.   I figured it was a medical call of some form.  We get to where there were 2 guys pointing us towards the beach.  Turns out the injured party was a pelican!  It had a broken wing.  Man, I had no idea how big those things are!!  Each wing had to be at least 3 feet across, plus its body size.  It must have had a wing span of 7 feet!  We threw a bunker jacket over it, tied its beak closed, put him on top of the fire truck and drove him to the police station where we tied a rope to its foot and a tree.  The police were kind of stunned and taken aback when we showed up at their door with a pelican.  The firemen talked the police into working with the animal rescue center and they said they would take it from there.

It was a unique experience, for sure.  I hope the pelican heals quickly.


Sorry for not having my camera with me for pictures.

Figuring it out…  1 fixed wing at a time


4 thoughts on “Beach Rescue

  1. Talking about pelicans, I know. I saw one for the first time about 4 months ago. Believe it or not, we had 4 in BH, & one flew into an electric wire & was killed. They are a migratory bird here in the US & we had to call division of wildlife & they came & picked it up. It was cool

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