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Finding Pulpo

So the other day my friends Eida and Colon told me to go to Ramon’s house at 9 in the morning.  They said pulpo, but I didnt catch on at first.  As usual, I said I would go without even knowing what I was signing up for here in San Clemente Ecuador.

I went home and looked up the word pulpo, and it means octopus.  Cool, I thought, I am going octopus hunting tomorrow!

The next morning, I went and woke up Logan, who lives in the same building as me.  Well, being a teenage boy of 15 years old, he didnt want to get out bed, but I rousted him with the promise of him doing something that he has never done before in his life.

We went to Ramon’s house, and they were bending rebar into a small hook and sharpening sticks.  I figured this would be great fun, no matter what we would get into.  Sharp sticks are always fun to play with.

We piled into Ramons pickup with his family and off we went.  We picked up John and Jimmy along the way.  Logan commented that he thought it was like going on a camping trip.  He was right, in an Ecuadorian kind of way.  Grab your friends and family and go have a great time in nature!

The tides currently are very high and low due to the full moon we just had.


The low tide was at -0.07 meters (below sea level again) and the high was at 2.91.  That is a tidal span of 3 meters.  Just last week the tidal span was as low as 1.43 meters.

Since the tide was so far out, more rocks were visible at Bikini Point for pulpo hunting.

Along the way, we found fishermen doing their normal work.   One strange thing about today, they had the large net on the beach and not in the water to collect all the fish.  John and I could not figure out why the fish were not still in the water.  Also, the net was extremely full of fish, so maybe they ran out of transport vehicles for the fish?  Who knows, I sure dont.


We then drive past bikini point to the Chijere area where there is a lodge, museum and UFO landing area.  There were lots of people in this area searching for octopus and oysters.


The approach to Chijere.


Tidal pools.


A woman had a hammer and a bucket, gathering oysters.

We all got out and started the hunt.


Nures with a small octopus that they caught.  Once there was an octopus on the stick, it seemed to get easier as you could easily tell when another octopus was near the one on the stick.


Jimmy and the kids were playing with crabs.  (Ramons youngest daughter Sol has the stick)


John and Nures.


Logan and Ramon’s middle daughter, Luna, searching.


Jimmy and Logan enjoying an oyster.


Jimmy was enjoying EATING the oyster and Logan was enjoying WATCHING him eat it.


Octopus on a stick.


One of the larger ones caught up til this point.

Video of this octopus.

Whelp, at this point my fear came true that I had made a huge photographic faux paus.  My battery died.  There was so much more that I wanted to capture, but I didnt.  Oh well.

It was difficult finding the pulpo.  The gringos searched and searched, but we got blanked.

Ramon and his brother seemed to be working hard in one area and I went to watch.  They found one about 1 foot under a small ledge.  You could tell by the amount of effort they were exerting that they maybe had a large one.  After several minutes of wrangling, they emerged with just the head of the octopus.  The head alone was larger than the entire octopus photographed above.  Then they wrestled to get the arms portion out.  When they brought that out, it was quite large.

Overall, they probably caught about 15 small octopus.  We threw em all in the back of the truck, we climbed in and we drove home.

Afterwards, my mother surprised me with a southern breakfast.  I ate eggs with cheese, bacon and biscuits with butter and honey.  Man was it good!  That is the first breakfast style meal I have had since moving to Ecuador.

Just about the time I finish the last biscuit, I get a phone call.  Ramon invited me to eat fresh ceviche in an hour!  Uhoh, Im gonna have to eat again!  If you know me, you know that that would not be a problem.

So, I went to Ramons house and in true San Clemente style, they served up FRESH ceviche, from the day’s harvest.  The ceviche consisted of pulpo, langostina, langosta & camerones.  (octopus, large shrimp/lobster creatures, lobster & shrimp).   Then they brought out the fresh corvina pequeno fish, tasty as well!  Rice and fresh warm chifle to boot!  Oh yeah, and an ice cold beer!

Man was it good!!!  And it was so nice to be with Ramon’s family on the holiday day (Independence of Manabi I believe).

John did a great blog post as well.  You can see it here.


Since John had more battery power, you will see many more pics on his blog.  Go check it out.  He did a great write up as usual!

Figuring it out…  1 pulpo at a time.


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