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House Guests 11

This is post # 11 in an ongoing series of house guests to my home in San Clemente Ecuador. As many of you know, I have been having fun with macro photographs.  For the next house guest, I chose to keep my macro to myself, and only shot photographs with the zoom lense. The gardener was asking me for newspaper, twine and a lighter.  My limited Spanish did not allow me to figure out what he needed or why, but I gave him what i had which was next to nothing, haha.  The gardener wrapped 3 sheets of newspaper around a long pole and tried to light it.  I had to give him a candle to help him light the stick.  I thought nothing of it, I was a little curious, but not enough to follow him around and ascertain his agenda.  Whelp, when I saw him drop the stick and coming running towards me, I figured it out!  BEES!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pica, Pica he was yelling while running.  Haha, it is always funny to see someone running from bees.




The bees are swarming this plant.



Eduardo the gardener said he would bring better equipment when he comes back in a couple of weeks.  After he smokes them out, i hope they leave beehind some honey!

Whelp, a few days later, all the bees are gone.  They left a large hive, but no honey.

Here is a visitor I was hoping I would be able to see!

(sorry for the shaky video)

My poor mom, I called her to let her know what I was looking at, knowing that she could not get to where I was in time.  But I figured it was better than her not knowing.

Now, this was not an up close and personal visit, but it was a lovely time none the less.



I would guess the pod contained 10-15 dolphins.



These were all seen from standing on theshore.


They were about 100 yards out from the surf line.




You could not get a real good view of the dolphins.


Mostly we saw their dorsal fins, but occasionally you could see their backs rise up and them spray water into the air.


A bit of a cropped image.


You will see more of this guy in a separate post.


I have noticed there are a lot of spiders in my little house here on the ocean.  None have caused me problems yet, but this one looks a little foreboding, but…



As you can see, it is not that big of a spider.

Figuring it out…  One running, screaming gardener at a time.


6 thoughts on “House Guests 11

  1. The bees had a hive nearby? I had bees in the US and I remember how they would swarm in the spring. They usually didn’t abandon their old hive though. Maybe yours moved out and took all their honey with them. How cool to see the dolphins!

  2. I wish dolphins made house guests instead of spiders. Ugh, they are everywhere, aren’t they? I don’t think I could find any place on the planet that wouldn’t have some.

  3. Did you really say “no honey was left BEE-hind” ?? The poor endangered gardener was not funnily running…he was smartly avoiding what is bee-hind a bee’s beehind…a STINGER!!! Better…and safer…to swarm to the shore to watch the dolphins. To me dolphins always appear to be smiling. You don’t suppose they were also amused by the fleeing gardeners erratic run?? Nice.

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