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House fire in San Clemente Ecuador


I got a call from a lady who works on the fire department and she said there was trouble in El Centro San Clemente Ecuador.  Unfortunately, my spanish was horrible today and I did not understand much of the conversation.  Then, Nancy Levin (http://nanlevin.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/call-for-help/) called me and let me know, in ENGLISH, that there was a house fire.  Nancy’s post tells a little about the community effort.  I love that fact of this community here!  They also just want to see what is going on!  There is no scene safety awareness here, people are everywhere!

Here it is easy to find where there is trouble.  Just look for the hundreds of people running towards the danger.  haha.  I quickly found the house and weaved through the 50+ spectators in the house to meet up with the fire fighters.  It was a complete concrete building, so there was not much damage to the structure.  There will be plenty of smoke and water cleanup to do as well as replace the furniture that was on fire.

Now, the next statement is just what i heard from people talking, but apparently, the furniture was ignited with gasoline.  Someone mentioned “terrorista”, so it sounds like it could be arson.  I am not trying to spread a rumor, just reporting on what I heard. 

The fire department uses a phone tree to notify firefighters of an emergency.  (I am on the list, but near the bottom because I keep asking “what/que?” when they talk to me.  haha

It appears the firefighters did a great job as the fire was contained to the lower floor with only smoke and heat rising to the second floor.

No one was home at the time the fire started.  No one was injured.

The firefighters were deservedly proud of their accomplishment in extinguishing the fire.  Its not every day they get to play with fire.


Here are the pictures:









The floor where the burnt furniture was.










The ceiling was pretty charred.




Heat damage to the paint at the top of the second floor.



Firefighter changing gear in the truck.



Here is the water fill process.  Pretty different than most places in the US.  There were 4 pumps with 4 lines filling the trucks from the side of a rice field.




The scenery from the fill station.




Some happy firefighters.




Boy the view from this fire department is quite a contrast to the last department I worked at in the Colorado Rockies!DSCN2119










Figuring it out… 1 fire at a time.




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