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Huge Pacific Ocean Waves today!! Aguaje!

Wow, the waves have been HUGE all day here in San Clemente.  They are quite impressive.

Here are a bunch of photographs and some videos.

Apologies for sense of scale.  It is very difficult to photograph waves and convey a sense of scale.





Its hard to tell, but this wave is at least 8 feet tall.


This splash rising up is at least 12 feet tall.


Video of waves:  Watch out for the splashes!


This splash and the next are approaching 15 feet high.



These waves are not surfable because the entire wave rolls over at once.  There is little side movement of these waves.  They come in almost perfectly parallel to shore.



The high point is over 15 feet tall, easily.


Video of waves crashing:




Hopefully these structures will give the waves a point of reference to judge the scale of these waves.





Thanks Nancy for the link to the Aguaje schedule:

Aguaje chart

Figuring it out… 1 massive wave at a time


8 thoughts on “Huge Pacific Ocean Waves today!! Aguaje!

  1. You’re right! Although your photos and videos are excellent, they don’t do this justice as far as the scale to show the height of the waves. For me, today, I have seen an unprecedented display of nature. It changed the landscape of the beach and left it with distinctive patterns which look like art. The fisherman are out this evening pushing their boats as far back as they can get them off the beach into the shrubs around the rocks and cabanas. I spoke with a couple of them and they said that theyexpect the tide to be unusually high again the morning because of the full moon tonight. This afternoon I ate lunch at one ofour favorite beach restaurants, Viviana’s, and the waves were washing up under the restaurant. Some folks moved their chairs from the front so as toget wet.But I still needed my front row seat to experience this amazing display.


  2. David – I was working over at Jan’s house yesterday morning. Ramon rode his bike up to look at the waves. He came up on the deck and after a few minutes pointed way out to the sea and said, “Mira, Mira!” A long line of dark seas was forming up about a half mile out to sea. I commented that it looked like that would be a big wave and he told me it would be five or seven big waves in succession.

    It took about five or ten minutes to arrive, but when it did there were seven large crashing waves in succession. Ramon told me the fishermen have to be alert to those big swells. If they try to launch a boat when one of those arrive it will capsized the barga.

    Another thing that I thought was interesting yesterday was that after the big waves came in there would be calm seas for a while before the larger waves resumed. Always different, but always interesting!

    • Great info John. I think I will get up on a higher deck today and see the view from there. Maybe I can see what you are talking about! How cool is that that you can see the waves coming from such a distance!!

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