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New Turtles?

Last night I was talking with Andre.  We looked at the beach and noticed a police truck and several people gathered.  We decided to be the nosy neighbors and see what was going on.



Turns out, they were building a bamboo shelter.  Upon questioning, they told us they were building a barrier to keep the turtles safe.  So, I looked in it and realized there were no turtles in there.  It then dawned on me that this is where a turtle had laid its eggs.  A man had pictures of the turtle and the eggs on his phone.  I am going to try and find him and see if I can get a copy of the pictures.


The shelter is very near the road.


The locals were proud of the turtle and the shelter that they built for the eggs.


I assume the police provided the sticker that is on the inside.


The turtle laid the eggs on May 27th 2013.  They stated it takes about 40-45 days for the turtles to hatch.

I will keep up on this and try to bet there when the turtles break free.

Hopefully I will be able to capture pictures and video of the turtles and be able to witness this beautiful moment in nature.san


Figuring it out…  1 hatch at a time.




4 thoughts on “New Turtles?

  1. Thanks for sharing David, at high tide we have no beach up this way so will probably not ever see this except through your photos and videos.

    • I have always thought it would be a great site to see. I think it will be a fantastic photographic subject. I am more excited about this than I expected I would be. Shhh… location is secret… for now… I will give you a call when it is happening. I might need some help keeping the watch waiting for it to happen.

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