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House Guests Part 7

Part 7 of the ever growing list of house guests in San Clemente Ecuador

This song should be a dead giveaway for the topic of this post:



Sense of scale (that is a propane tank on the left and a storage bin on the right.

Photographed before a flip flop when flop in his direction


After being flicked off the bottom of said flip flop.

Spider # 2


Underside of spider





Look at the white substance at the bottom left of the picture.  I wonder what it is??




Close up:  pretty cool looking!

Figuring it out…  1 flip flop flip at a time.


8 thoughts on “House Guests Part 7

  1. Thank you very much, David – I think I will have you to thank for giving Mary nightmares tonight! She hates spiders, but I think that last one with the yellow and black legs is extremely interesting! His body seems to be armored.

    Good pictures. – John

  2. Beautiful!
    Someone told me that those white “ribbons” in the spider webs are to warn away birds so the webs don’t get damaged and make a lot of rebuilding work for the spider.

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