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Plants in the yard Part 2

This post is photography of some of the flowers in the yard here in San Clemente Ecuador.

Please feel free to leave a comment with flower names or interesting facts.











Figuring it out…  1 pretty flower at a time.


9 thoughts on “Plants in the yard Part 2

  1. Bring your camera when you stop by next time and I’ll pose for you so
    you can add a photo of a “Blooming Idiot” to your collection! Nice pix, De. Love, Je

  2. 🙂 the first is bouganvilla, which is nice and green in the rainy season, but will sacrifice leaves for flowers in the dry season. the sunnier the week, the more this will burst into bloom!

    next is kalanchoe or life everlasting.. drop a leaf on the ground, and most likely it will take root and grow… it too thrives on neglect and appreciates the hot dry season.

    the next is hibiscus.. if no pesticides have been sprayed on this plant, its flowers make a salad – use just like you would lettuce! they also make a lovely tea…

    is that next one a rose? it’s lovely, though hard to see the foliage!

    last is the lovely plumbago which seems to thrive on attention yet continues to bloom if neglected. it looks really pretty in window boxes and paired with an orange flowering plant…

    con mucho gusto!


    • Wow, you rock!! I feel like I just finished my first semester of plants 101 with your comment. Thanks so much! I might have to try the hibiscus for salad, I’m pretty sure no pesticides have been sprayed here.

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