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House Guests Part 5

This seems to be one of the most frequent things for me to post about.  I am always getting new visitors, and I love it!

Here is my favorite spider eating a mosquito after it fell in it’s web after I zapped it!



OK, there is one animal more prevalent than the mosquito.  And that would be an ant!  Anyone who has lived near the ocean has probably had a similar battle as me.  They are relentless.  They are superb at what they do.  They are quick.  They are efficient.  And, they are forever!

(sorry, my backgrounds for these shots arent the best.  Its difficult to photo some things on white tile and almost impossible to photo things on granite countertops.)



All that work for a crumb of bread.




Video of ant carrying a crumb.


Can you see the ant and can you see its dinner?





Where’s Waldo?










Big ant:



The largest Butterfly I have ever seen.  This one was hard to photograph.


Look in the window on the right for the butterfly.  I hope this gives a sense of size.


Flying in front of the door.

Figuring it out…  1 guest at a time


8 thoughts on “House Guests Part 5

  1. It’s amazing the variety of bugs and butterflies in this part of the world and yes, the ants too. We have everything from tiny ones who try to help us clean up anything left behind in the kitchen to the big leaf cutter ants who are always one step ahead of me no matter what I do.

    • Yep, a plethora of bugs. I cant decide if I like the tiny ants or not. They clean up everything, which is nice, but if i leave anything out for more than 4 minutes, they claim it. It only takes a few ants crawling out of your food to throw it away. haha

  2. Your ant segment took me back many years to FL when I was a kid. I remember watching ants and being amazed at how they carried such big objects and seemed so purposeful as they went about their travels. I just found your blog and am having fun reading it. I’m sitting here in CT hoping to get to Ecuador soon.

    • yeah, the ants are amazing! They really amaze me how quick they can swarm on something here. You have to have anything in a bag or it will be invaded in minutes. The scout ants are the best I have ever seen!
      Thanks for viewing, let me know when you come down!

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