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House Guests Part 4

More House Guests:  This is an ongoing post of visitors to my house.

How could I have overlooked the most prevalent of my house guests?
Well, they are hard to photograph because I am too busy swatting at them.


Luckily I have a zapper!   My new best friend!!  Best $5 spent in Ecuador!!

My mom still jokes about how much fun I had the first time I used one of these.


The result of about 30 minutes of bug zapping!   This is the killing tile, where I drop all the dead skeeters.

The mosquitoes are nothing like they were during the rainy season.  Now, there are a few here and there.  During rainy season, you would have to cut a path through them at times similar to using a machete to cut a path in a jungle.  It ain’t so bad right now.

Here are two sadistic videos of skeeters post – zapped.  Watch em twitch.


This guy is some form of a centipede.  They curl up in a ball when threatened or dead.



An update from a previous House Guest post:

Some readers suggested this guy was called an earwig.


Well, frankly, I don’t see the resemblance.


There are quite a few very small spiders here that seem to come in waves.  Im sure it is a hatch of some form.  I will clean and then within 4 hours there are a ton of tiny spider webs around.

Here is a picture of a spider that is normal size, much larger than the one I mentioned above.



The moths come in many shapes, sizes and colors.  I like checking them out.







This guy has some serious antennae!!








Figuring it out…  1 swat of the zapper at a time (only for skeeters)


8 thoughts on “House Guests Part 4

    • If you do not know about the $5 zapper, your life is about to change for the better very quickly! This thing is the best ever! I actually feel it is an even fight with the mosquitos with this thing. Yes, they still have the surprise attack as their strength, but once you see them, you should be able to zap them with at least a 75% hit rate!!!! Seriously!!! Its a fair fight with this! If you buy the battery operated, be prepared to change out the battery every 2 weeks or so. The rechargeable last for many weeks, but over time they lose their effectiveness. I suggest when you find them, to buy 4 for long term. I have found them at SuperMaxi at times. Good luck!

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