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Dave’s house of Veterinary

Yesterday we spayed the other house dog.  And, yes, we spayed her in the living room, where else?!

When Jasmine the dog saw the vet, she decided to turn it into a game of hide and seek.  I saw her jump through the fence so I followed her.  I went all the way around the property and did not see her.  On the way back, I ran into her at the corner of the fence.  I picked up wet hide up and realized that she was hiding in the ocean.  Darn that dog is smart!  I never thought to look in the ocean for my dog!

Here is Patricia and Jasmine drying off, pre-surgery prep.






Now its time for the surgery prep.


Again, the Vets asked me for many supplies for the surgery.


Here’s how they secured the dog for surgery.  4 pointed the dog!


2 points from the ceiling.




2 points to the chairs.


Shaving of the surgery area.
















The surgery went well, but man is it a lot of work to constantly keep your eye on a dog 24 hours a day.  You cant let it lick at its wound, walk too much, move too much, etc.

After Jasmine’s surgery, Patricia was gonna have her dog spayed.  Turns out Malika’s veins weren’t cooperating so we had to postpone that surgery.    (shes pictured on the floor in the first several photos)
Then Ken and Lyndell brought their 3 ailing pups to the house to get worked on.



I just realized that I could have charged a Vet Surgery Room fee.  haha.

So, now the 3+ day patience testing phase begins:

I found out the hard way that trying to do something for less than 5 minutes without your eye on the dog will cause you to lose track of the dog.  Last night, I couldn’t find the dog after going in my house for less than 5 minutes.  I looked out the door twice and she was in the grass, then I came back out and she was gone!  I searched the entire yard, including every flower bed.  She is good at hiding in them.  I was about to think that she jumped through the fence and got away, when I checked under a plank of wood in the last flower bed.  There she was, wagging her little tail.

I put her in the house at night and tried to get some sleep.  I think it lasted 30 minutes before the dog had to get up to vomit.  At least she made it outside.  After that, I realized there would not be much sleep for me.  It’s no fun trying to get rest while a dog is fidgeting and whining all night.  I got outside with later and the moon was beautiful.  It was a half moon, bottom half lit, just above the ocean and it was glowing orange.  I would not have had that vision otherwise.  After laying down for a while, I realized it was starting to get light outside.

Mom came over and brought me some enceballado for breakfast.  That is basically fish soup, but it is yummy with great tuna.  (Nancy and Joe, I loved it!  Mom bought us each a large portion for $3.50 for both of us.  Yum.

So, in normal fashion, when it rains it pours.  The last time I did this routine, we were in rainy season and both houses flooded.  This time no rain, but all the workers decided to show up today to work around the house.  Now, not only am I bloody tired from no sleep and I have to non stop watch the dog, but the plumber and gardener both show up to do work.  They both need my help, they both are making a lot of noise.  The gardener was using his weed trimmer and the plumbers were banging away on the concrete with hammer and chisel.  It was quite noisy and a bit frustrating.

Things have settled down again now.

The wind is blowing a bit, so I better go hold the hammock down.

Remember, if you need to get your dog spayed in Ecuador, ask many many questions before the Vet says “We will be there soon!”

Figuring it out… 1 stitch at a time


5 thoughts on “Dave’s house of Veterinary

  1. Great story Dave. Hope your “baby” is doing better today. Surprised to see us in your shots. Had no idea you took them.

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