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Frigates and Fishing

I enjoyed watching the frigates and the fishermen this morning.  It is fun being that close to that large of a bird.

Here is the Grateful Dead playing accoustic Birdsong from 1980.  Listen to this while viewing this post if you like.  (Thanks to Lisa Brunetti at http://playamart.wordpress.com/ for the idea to add music to a post)

Here is a pan view of the beach being fished:


A lady walking home with her fish for the day.

A view of the truck where the fish go into:


He said this truckload was worth about $300.  Man, thats a lot of work for $300.  Then I asked him how many truckloads today.

15 he said.  Now that’s pretty good money.  They have to split those $$ many ways though.

Fish being loaded in a truck:


There were literally thousands of frigates flying the beach today.  John and I gawked at em for a while today on the front porch.  It is truly mesmerizing watching them soaring in place, back and forth, up quite high and in large groups.



Frigates Flying:



How many times do you get to photograph a frigate from above?



A male looking for a mate.


1 minute of fish jumping:


I think I got one!


Darn, I missed!


Full flaps!!

Wait for it…  Wait for it…  Here they come!!



Bunches o’ fish.

Here is a 1 minute video of 1 frigate soaring back and forth in about 50 feet of airspace.


Figuring it out… 1 bird and 1 fish at a time


2 thoughts on “Frigates and Fishing

  1. hey! it’s great to see posts from another frigate bird lover! i can watch them swoop and soar and bully all day long! some people watch tropical fish in aquariums; i watch the frigates over the river!

    the connection here is too slow in the daytime to enjoy the videos, but i will be back late tonight!

    thanks for the pingback! i am pleased that you’re figuring it out and now sharing great music videos to compliment your posts!!!

    hope it’s a great day!


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