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Happy Mothers Day

Hey Mom!  Happy Mothers Day!  Thanks for being the best mom I have!!!!!!

All kidding aside, San Clemente had a nice Mothers Day Celebration yesterday.


My friends John and Mary blogged the celebration quite well:


One thing to add to their blog:  Each barrio, or neighborhood, chose which mothers would honored.


Here are my additions at it pertains to my mom:


I commissioned Francisco’s nephew to make this shirt for my mom.




Sorry Gerri, you are a little fuzzy in this picture.  You must have had a few cervezas.  ha


Note that she only loves 1 dolphin.  haha


The table at the front.


The girl who handed out roses to the mothers.


Local niña, me and Keith.


This all happened on Saturday night, ending at about midnight.

Mom, Gerri and I ate Mothers Day lunch at Vivian’s, a favorite little restaurant on the beach.  The weather was perfect, the food was great and the beers were cold.

Happy Mothers Day!



Figuring it out…  1 mom at a time.



6 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. Thank you so much, Son, for a Mother’s Day I’ll never forget. It was so wonderful!!! And even if I have only 1 dolphin to love, it’s enough. And the best part is that I am so blessed to have you with me living out my dream.


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