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Ocean changes…

This post is about how I observe the ocean changing.  I am new to living on the ocean, so this is all new to me.  Im sure there are many people who will find this post boring, but for me, its all about discovery!!

I will break this post down to a few segments.

Ocean Currents:

The ocean has many different flow currents.  I figured it would change slightly, but here it seems to change dramatically.

Here is a video showing the current flowing left to right.  South to North.  This was taken on 4/22/13 – Earth Day!


North to South – 5/06/13


Things washed ashore:


Still to be determined – plant seed or ocean pod / egg.


It is amazing how the ocean will pickup an entire palm tree and it ends up in this spiral shape.  The entire tree is twisted around itself.


A lot of debris on the beach.


More debris.


Full sized tree driftwood.  (photo credit Keith & Becky Williams)


With houses as a point of reference.  (photo credit Keith & Becky Williams)

Water disturbance:

See a past post about a water disturbance that I cant explain:


Figuring it out… 1 wave at a time


8 thoughts on “Ocean changes…

  1. Some simply see the Sea…others experience it. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    The Sea must be a “She” to be that moody!

    • Lisa, thanks for what might be the solution to my mystery. The only thing that doesnt add up to on the wiki page is the size of the nut. The picture shows 5 in his fingers. 5 would completely fill my entire palm, fingers and all. This is the best info yet!!! Thanks a ton!!

      • wow, those do sound much larger than the ‘knickernuts’ that i’ve picked up along the way. they feel almost like ceramic pieces and are often used for jewelry. they sound like little billiard balls when they click together.

        i am glad to be part of your research team!

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