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House guests

Here is a compilation of the house guests that I have received lately.  I hope you enjoy the pictures:


This is the 4th crab of this size I have found in the house.


This is one big bumblebee.


I need to look up what type of bird this is.


The crab we found in the water cistern.






I think the cricket was a house guest of the spider.


Butterfly with great circles.


Nice curves.



The bug swarm that seems to come about once a week.  It’s real bad for 1 night, and then nothing the next day.


The fridge and floor have many bugs on them when this happens.  Its an inconvenience for sure, but they are not there when I wake up.

Not sure how that happens, but I like the waking up to a bug free house part.



Figuring it out… 1 guest at a time


10 thoughts on “House guests

  1. hey! i love the title to this post and the photos that go with it! the bird is a night heron.. i think a yellow-crowed night heron, but it might be the black-crowned. they are often loners when searching for appetizers, though there’s a mangrove tree full of them very near my deck on the river. they’re so pretty, and their red eyes are startling at night (when hit w/the beam of a light.)
    great post!

  2. Thanks for viewing! Yeah, a bit tongue in cheek on the title, thanks. Cool, A Night Heron! I like learning new animal names. I will also have to try catching one at night!

  3. I think your “Guest” Night Heron was scouting a few of your other “guests” for dinner (much
    as the spider had scouted the cricket)! I’m really sorry you have crabs. nice. (You might want to be more selective when making your next guest list.) not nice.

  4. I’ve seen older blogs. You’re changed. You looks younger, thin and better without the mustache of February 2013 photo. (sorry my english). My name is Esthela, i live in Quito, but my husband and i have a house in San Clemente (norte). Regards.

    • Muchas Gracias Esthela. I have lost some weight and my mustache, thanks for noticing. Thanks for viewing, let me know when you are in town and we will practice exchanging languages. Caio!

    • Great info on the Saffron finch. I learns something new everyday. Often I learn too many things in a day and my brain cant keep up! Glad you liked the photos!

    • Yep, IN the house. It is a little unsettling to see something creeping out from under a chair, but once you realize it is a crab, no worries. Unfortunately, they are too small for dinner. Maybe they would make a good pet?

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