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Recent excursions – Puerto Cayo to San Clemente EC

In the last few days I have been on a couple of excursions.

On the first excursion, I went with Keith Williams to Guayaquil to procure his and Becky’s cedulas (Ecuadorian ID card).

This was a great finish for them as they now have all documentation needed for residency and are fully legal here.  Yeah Keith & Becky!!

We saw a lot of different situations along the way back from Guayaquil.  We took a left at Jipijapa and drove a mountain pass covered in fog / rain landed in Puerto Cayo.  Keith and Becky have a beautiful piece of property there.


Keith and Becky’s property and view!


Next we went to Santa Rosa.  This is a very small fishing village with 1 loop road.  The road was incredibly well constructed, well better than any road in the much bigger city of San Clemente.

The view from the top of a dirt road that is not well traveled.  Keith is full of adventure, so we usually end up driving on roads his car shouldnt, but we sure do enjoy our time while we do!!


The view from the bottom of the road.



Nice smuggler boat location!



San Lorenzo was next on the list.  A kite flyer hamming it up for the camera.


Of course I had to take a pic of the donkey.


Fishing boats lined up waiting for the next days work.


They dry out crops on the side of the road.  We didnt know what all these crops were, but there were several different types one after the other.DSCN0940

More crops.


The left side of the road is covered here.


Where not to park your rickshaw.  I felt bad for the guy, but I got the shot!


Traffic on the road was heavy at times.

My next excursion was locally in San Clemente.  This town area holds many hidden gems.  I went with Francisco to some land he has on the north end of town.  We bushwhacked our way through the thick growth.  The views were nice and the dogs got a great workout.




Francisco, flowers and a pooch.


View from his land looking West.

After leaving his land, we went to the adjacent property and met Pedro Escobar.  He owns an ecotourist hostal type facility called “Peñon Del Sol” (Questions:  0999414149 penondelsol@hotmail.com) on the North end of San Clemente.  I didnt even know this place existed yesterday, so it was a nice surprise.  Pedro is a very friendly man who has worked his land for 20 years to get it in the state its in.  I am not in the business of promoting hostals, but if you like rustic / naturalistic type hostals, this place is great.  This is the type of place I look for when traveling as I generally dont like staying in traditional hotels.


The view upon entry.


A rustic cabin with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and 2 hammocks on the deck.  Perfect.


This is the large guest house that has 3 bedrooms and is great for groups.

At this point of the tour, I realized that I was standing on something I haven’t seen much of here in Ecuador.  GRASS!!  Very well done.

It costs $15 per person per night.  If you are lucky, you would have one of these houses to yourself for $15 a night.  Pretty good deal.


View of San Clemente from the cabin.


The upper hangout area.


Pedro and Francisco.

We had a great morning and talked the whole time walking home.  Im glad to have Francisco as a friend here in San Clemente.

Thanks for the tour!!


Here’s a great way to end the day with a beer.


One more sunset pic from tonight.

Remind me to wear a hat next time!

Figuring it out…


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