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Playing with kites

Keith and I were traveling up the coast and stopped for dinner at San Lorenzo.  I noticed a unique photo opportunity and grabbed my camera.  These four kids had 2 homemade kites.


1 kite was made of ripped up trash bags tied together while the other kite had a nicer reused material for its tail.



When the first kid noticed I was taking pictures, he quickly ran up to me to have a look at the pictures I had taken.  He was thrilled seeing himself and his friends/relatives on camera.




One by one, they came over to look at the pics.  I loved how much fun they were having flying their homemade kites off the ocean breezes.



This one really knew how to ham it up for the camera.



Of course, I taught them all the secret handshake.




One of the boys was named David.  I think it was this one as he would never stay still for me to get a good close up picture.

They all had fun mugging for the camera and looking at the results!

Maybe I will run into them again and exchange our secret greeting.

Keith mentioned that this might of been the highlight moment of our trip.  It sure is fun interacting with people here.

Figuring it out… with a kite and a smile!


3 thoughts on “Playing with kites

  1. Dear De,
    If I ask you to teach me the secret handshake…will you suggest I go fly a kite? nice.
    Great blog and pictures, Thanks. Glad you finally got to go exploring, Safe home. Je

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