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Dance / Exercise class in San Clemente

My friend Eida informed me of a Dance / Exercise class taking place in the local discoteq in San Clemente.  I figured I would let my mother contact all the locals gringas for this.  I figured I would go to at least scope it out for chicks!  ha.

Here is a video of the warm ups.



Class getting organized.


Lining up.



Manos arriba!!  Hands in the air!

It turns out that these are government sponsored classes for health and fitness in the small Ecuadorian communities.

I was the only guy in there, so I “figured it out” and split!

Watching my mom…  Figure it out…!!!


6 thoughts on “Dance / Exercise class in San Clemente

  1. It was a great workout!!!! And lot’s of fun!!! Beautiful instructor (Lilibeth)!! The class is going to be held every week day at 5:00 p.m. And if enough people attend, it will continue for the year. And it’s FREE!


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