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What do you do with a scorpion in Ecuador?

I was at Casi de Todo tienda in San Clemente talking to Mauro Zambrano.  He looked at the ground and scuttled a little bit.  I looked down and saw a small scorpion on the sidewalk between us.  Wish I had my camera with me.

So the scorpion started getting near the curb and Mauro went over to where it was.  I presumed he was gonna step on it.  Instead, he scooted it with his sandal towards his shop.  He asked his mother for something.  Im assuming she was gonna get a stick or something to squish it with.  While she was gone, Mauro picked up a long board and pressed down on the scorpion.  I figured he was gonna squish it.  The scorpion kept tagging the board with its tail, injecting venom into its would be captor.  Whelp, Mauro’s mother comes out with tongs and a bottle!

(What now, I am thinking).

So, to answer the question this blog asks:  You put it in a bottle and take it in your house.

Mauro wasnt using the board to squish the scorpion, he was using it to hold the scorpion without hurting it.  Then they pick up the scorpion with the tongs.  They try to put it in the bottle, but it is sideways to the bottle opening.  It took a little bit of delicate wrangling, but they got it in the bottle.  Now they have a scorpion in a bottle.

Photo credit from the web.

This scorpion was about 2.5 inches long if you stretched out the tail.

Now it’s time for another question.  PLEASE COMPLETE THE POLL BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN FOR THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now you can see the answer.

So, I asked Mauro, “what do you do with the scorpion”.  He said they use it for joint pain relief.   I’m not sure how they get it to that point, but that might be a future post:::

Figuring it out…  with venom…


6 thoughts on “What do you do with a scorpion in Ecuador?

  1. hey! i loved this post! i made an educated guess and got it right because after i recovered from an allergic reaction to a scorpion sting, a few days later an area of my face (that had been numb from long-ago surgery -) suddenly began to itch.. and itch.. and itch… when the itching stopped a day later, i had feeling again along my jawline and face!

  2. I have heard about bee stings being used for arthritis and joint pain. I didn’t think much of it until I became a beekeeper and the joints in my hands no longer bothered me. Maybe scorpions have a similar effect?

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