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The Circus is in town!!!

The circus is in town!!!  (Spolier alert for any San Clemente folk who might go to the circus.  If you are going to the circus, read this after you attend).  Also, sorry for some blurry pics.  I am trying to figure out my camera settings for low light indoors without a flash.  I didnt want a flash going off every time I took a pic.

What a treat it was to see that there is a circus in this small town of San Clemente.  You can see the tent in the background from the main street in town.  We joked before going about our expectations.  Gerri thought there would be smelly animals and Libby thought there would not be much other than clowns.


The big top.


The entrance.


Inside the circus.

This Circus definitely had a low production cost, but it was a very entertaining evening.  It cost $2 to get in and we arrived around 9:30 at night to find the circus had already begun.  Since there weren’t many people there, Gerri, Libby and I sat front row center for the entertainment.  The first act we saw (we were late, so I dont know how many previous acts there were) was a slapstick skit with 1 clown and 1 normal dressed person.  I got the gist of the skip with my limited spanish, and it helped learning the language too.

After the 2nd or 3rd clown skit, I joked with Gerri that we may have had our expections too high with clowns AND animals.  haha.  Whelp, we were correct in our initial judgement.  Out came the goat!!!


Tight “board” walking goat.


Goat taking a bow.

Video of Goat trick:


The goat did show some nifty foot work bowing on the chair, climbing 2 chairs and walking back and forth on the plank which was only about 3″ wide.  A curious llama decided to enter the tent and see what was going on while the goat was on stage.  People got a laugh out of that as well.  (You can see the llama on the right side of the 1st picture above.)

In between a couple of the acts, a lady would come out to and dance to some funky latino beat music.  I didnt take a picture because I thought it would be creepy to take a picture of a dancing lady.  haha

A lady did a few balance acts with her chin holding several different props.  I think the hardest part about the trick was when she climbed the ladder.  Not only did she have to balance while climbing the ladder, but she had to compensate for the ricket in the rickety ladder!

Video of Balancing Act:





This prop was paper rolled to a point and on fire.

Next came the dog tricks.


Dancing dogs.


I tried to capture the dog in motion jumping from the top of the ladder.  (Sorry for the crappy picture.)

Video of Dancing dog:


Video of Jumping dog:


Video of Magic Trick:


Balancing act, board, cylinder and man.


This man proceeded to take off his pants while balancing on this board.

Video of balancing act:


The finale was a skit about a talk show.  (Note the “cameraman” with an old jug for a camera prop).


Well, needless to say, it turned into the “Jerry Springer” show and all parties involved ended up fighting continually!  It truly was funny.



One skit had clowns scaring the crowd while coming through the bleachers.  An older gentleman received a phone call during one skit and the clowns had a little fun with him about it.  The circus was entertaining.  I left about midnight when the show ended, so, bang for your buck, my $2 went a long way.

Figuring it out…


12 thoughts on “The Circus is in town!!!

  1. Dear “De”
    Thank you for rescuing me from the “Circus of the Blue Bottle Crisis” and for taking me along to the Authentic ” Big Top Circus”. You are a true friend! I enjoyed your presence both times! Love, Je

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