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Does anybody know what these are?

I found a couple of these on the beach near my house in San Clemente.  I didnt think much of it.  Then I was walking on Pajonal Beach with my friend Keith.  We found scores of them.  I have no idea what they are.  Are they eggs?  Are they plant pods?  Are they aliens?  Are they …???



They are not perfectly egg shaped.  Shapes differed slightly, but all were similar.


These have a harder shell than most eggs.

There is a thin membrane on the inside of the egg.

I found these all along the beach, they had clearly been in the tides.

I only found them on the beach, not on land near the beach.

They were lightweight, but had a small heft to them, making me think they are not eggs.


There is a 1/4″ diameter hole in almost all of them.

Something had to either go in through the hole, or come out through the hole.



There is a “nub” or “plant disconnect” point.  Small round hard parts that are about 1/4″ diameter.


Possible ideas of what these could be:

Pods from a plant.

Snake eggs.

Turtle eggs.

One egg/pod that contains many animals or insects inside.


Unknown sea plant.

Alien eggs.


Please help me out here, because I am working on Figuring it out…!



16 thoughts on “Does anybody know what these are?

  1. I think they might be seed pods of some sort. I looked up sea worm shells and nothing looked similar. do you know you have a fish in your pocket? 🙂

  2. It looks a lot like a tagua pod that has had its inside eaten out by some small animal before it hardened into what is referred to as vegetal ivory. I found some on the beach above Bahia a few years ago. The tree that produces tagua pods grows in places along the coast of Ecuador. Mystery to me how they wind up in the ocean if that is indeed what they are. There is a Tagua processing plant between Manta and Crucita that I visited that shows how they go from huge pods made up of many of the smaller ones into beautiful jewelry and other carvings.

    • Thats a great guess. Your idea incorporates: a local plant, found elsewhere near here, grows on the coast.
      Some pics on the internet show something similar to this, but the ones I found, were too soft on the inside to carve. I will do some research on this, thanks! And thanks for reading my blog. 🙂

  3. Its a seed from a nickerbean vine. Also known as sea beans. I found one on the beach today and finally was able to figure it out with the help of google.

    • Thanks for the thought here. Can you take a picture of what you found so we can compare notes? I have looked up nickerbean, and thought it is a good possibility, but these are much larger, only 5 or 6 can fit in my entire hand. They are not hard enough on the inside to carve into. Still a mystery, but this is the closest option yet. I could be wrong, but I still am not convinced of what it is. Thanks for the reply and for viewing!! Let me know if you have more thoughts! Thanks again!

  4. I found something similar washed up on a beach in the Dom Rep.
    It was a transparent sphere completely sealed about the size of a marbal and had hundreds of tiny black seeds or eggs inside that all moved about inside if you tilted it.
    Completely puzzled to what it was?

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