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Teaching English, Part 3

We have been working on a small project of teaching english to some local friends in San Clemente Ecuador.  This simple venture is starting to grow.  I am not sure of where it is going, but I know where it started.  Thanks to Libby, Gerri, John and Mary for their work in helping teach some locals a foreign language.


John and Mary started the second group of students today.  This will be an 8 week class teaching basic english to another 10 eager students.  John and Mary opened up their house for this and did a great deal of preparation for this class.  You can read the details on his blog:


Again, I am not sure where this is heading, but it is growing quickly.  In case you were wondering, all persons have volunteered for this project including teachers and students.  🙂  Thanks all!

I am going with Eida tomorrow to help her in her quest to get a Cultural Center created in San Clemente.   I will create an entire post on this in the near future.

Figuring it out…


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