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Helping the San Clemente Fire Dept

So I was hanging out in town last night and Eida came up to me and said “vamos”.  Ok, off we go.  After struggling with my spanish, I realize there has been a car accident and they want me to go with them.  We jog to the the fire station and get in the 1 fire truck for San Clemente.  I believe there were 8 or 9 of us on the truck.  Nothing like the US where everyone has a seat and a seatbelt.  2 guys rode on the top on the return trip.

We arrived to find one vehicle with the rear of the truck quite smashed up.  This implied a big impact.




They used a KEDD device to extract one woman from the front seat with a backboard.

I was happy to see they had this helpful piece of equipment and knew how to use it.

112 111

The other car had significant damage as well.  The truck had slowed down for one of the MANY large speed bumps / slow down ramps found on the roads in Ecuador.  Many of these are unmarked and difficult to see at night. The red car, for whatever reason, did not slow down and plowed into the back of the truck.


At first I was surprised there were only 2 injuries, but then I figured out that the drivers of both vehicles had fled the scene.  I have no idea for the reason for running or the extent of their injuries.  The women of each car were left to fend for themselves.  I definintely dont like the idea of leaving my girl behind!


This one guy put on his bunker pants to spray the road clear of debris.

This was the only use of PPE (personal protective equipment) I saw used on the scene.

There were many bystanders in the middle of the scene, probably at least 100.

Several times people pushed past me to get in close to the car to take a picture.




Even with the lack of US standards for PPE, scene safety, protocols etc., the job was completed and every responder went home unhurt.


3 Firefighters on the return trip…


The San Clemente Fire house.  I will try to make a post in the near future about their plans to upgrade the fire house.

Figuring it out…


4 thoughts on “Helping the San Clemente Fire Dept

  1. Yep, things are way different down there! And and it was nice to see your happy smiling face, that I miss so much!

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