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Teaching English, Part 2

Ok, so this little idea is quickly growing larger.  This originated with me talking to some San Clemente residents and they expressed the desire to learn English while I was expressing my want to learn Spanish.  My mother and I started a small class for English.  She has experience with teaching english while I only have experience teaching firefighting skills.  Gerri graciously joined up with us and we felt like we had a hope of being able to pull this off.

As I got to the classroom early for the second class, all the students were gathered around practicing with each other.


John and Mary offered to help us out with this class.  After class, I found out that John and Mary want to teach an entirely separate class.  Enough interest was expressed about our class, that a second class has emerged after only 2 weeks of the first class.  I will help with the logistics and setting up of the class, Libby and Gerri will create the material, and John and Mary will follow this formula and teach a separate class.  A huge THANK YOU to John and Mary (http://livingitupinecuador.wordpress.com)  for offering their time to help out!  With their varied artistic talents, these 2 classes are shaping up to be a ton of fun for all involved.

Photo credit to John MacDonald:


I have no intentions to make this large, we will see where it goes.  I am not trying to teach the world english, just giving back a little bit to a community that has allowed me to be amongst them.

More updates to come.

Figuring it out…


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