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Water disturbance close to shore

Ok, to preface this, I have no idea what this is. I can only speculate and will take a few guesses, but if anyone is privy to better information, please share with me. I am working on Figuring It Out, but I need some help (as usual 🙂 ).

Here are some pics to give scale:

Water Disturbance 2

Water Disturbance 3

Water Disturbance 5

Water Disturbance 6

Water Disturbance  1

Here are some close up pics:

Water Disturbance 4

Water Disturbance 7

I watched this thing develop and move slowly North for about 10 minutes.  I looked around to see if others saw it as well, and they got out of the water and were gathered together pointing at it.  Following this logic, I wasnt just seeing things.

The water was more churning than cirlcing, it stayed relatively the same distance from shore, moved slightly North, lasted for at least 10-15 minutes, slight water color change.  It occurred about 2pm just after low tide.

Link to tide chart and approximate timing:


Ok, here comes my conscious stream of ideas of what it could be:

Large school of fish

Large school of bait fish

1 or several large fish / dolphin / etc grouped together in the shallower water

water whirlpool (although it did not have circular motion)

Rip Current


UFO (ha, not really)

Any thoughts out there what it could be?

TRYING to Figure it out…


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