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Teaching English in San Clemente – Part 1

My mother and I decided we wanted to help some people learn English as many have helped me on my eternal quest to learn Spanish. I talked to several people around town to see if there was interest. It turns out there is a lot of interest. The difficult part was preparing for the class: who would attend, where the class would be held, what to teach, what time, what day of the week, how many times a week, how long was each class, etc.
Today, most of the answers came to fruition with the first installment of “Libby teaches English”.  I was there as logistical support and Gerri did a great job taking sections of the curriculum and teaching solo.  These women have both tought English professionally and did an outstanding job.  I was glad to do my little part today.

We met in the Bombero office and made a classroom out of it.  Fransisco brought in the dry erase board, chairs and other needed items.


5 ninos & ninas, 4 adults made it to the first class. Eida, Francisco, Mireya, Elida, Fernanda, Noelya, Patri, Leonel, Junior all were there eager to learn. We went over numbers, introductions, salutations, days of the week, months of the year, colors, times of the day.

Class lasted almost 2 hours and was just the right amount of time.  The younger students were getting a bit antsy, but they wanted to learn which helped them stay focused.  Hopefully we wont make them wear the silly homemade nametags next week.


After class, I tought all the children how to do a special handshake greeting.  They all got a kick out of it.

After leaving class, we ran into Gato, the local seafood vendor.  Gato had a vision of us teaching everyone in San Clemente to speak English, citing it would be great for tourism for his town.  He wrote the following headline with arm motions in the sky “San Clemente speaks English!”  I’m pretty sure Libby and I wont be able to accomplish that!

  He asked if he could add 3-4 more people to the class.  This was the second person to ask to add more people today.  We feel we need to stick to the 10-12 students at this time.  Its hard telling people that we can’t do more than what we are doing.

If others in San Clemente have any interest in helping with something like this, speak with Libby about maybe adding a second class with rotating instructors.  This lesser teaching committment would allow more people to help out without putting out tons of effort.

Figuring it out…


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