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Ocean Shore fishing…

Hello all
This post will be info I am aware of for fishing from the shore in the Pacific Ocean in San Clemente Ecuador.

This post will also be a request for information / help / insight as to how to catch multiple species of fish and different techiques to do so. If you have any helpful hints, please enter them into the comments section.

Here are 2 types of fish I catch regularly and they are a bit smaller than typical size.




Close up of this kind.


I will call this the barking frog fish until I find its true name.  You will understand why I call it this when you watch this video:


I have been catching many, many bagre (catfish).  I found it quite funny coming from inland USA and fishing in the ocean and the first 10 fish I catch are catfish.  I hope to catch more varieties with different fishing techniques as time goes on.  (bagre on left side of this pic.)


Ok, here is how I am currently fishing:

High tide only.  I can stand on the rocks right outside my house and fish staying relatively dry.  I am not currently wading in the water, as standing on these rocks is getting my gear the appoximate same distance from shore as standing knee deep in the water.

I am using a 1 oz weight about 2.5 feet from a hook.  Steel 6″ leader.  Hook (no idea what size).  2o lb line.  Surf rod and reel (low to fair quality, the brake has already stopped working, making me have to hold onto the reel handle when setting the hook).

I am using shrimp for bait.  I cut 1 small to medium sized shrimp in half and send the hook through the side of the shrimp, sometimes maiking the hook go through the shrimp twice by twisting the shrimp around.

I know that using a shrimp will mainly catch me bottom feeding fish.  I would like to catch other, larger types of fish, so here is where your suggestions come in to play.  Thoughts?


Figuring it out…


9 thoughts on “Ocean Shore fishing…

  1. Joe says to take one of those little fish you catch if still alive and put the hook through the body and send it back out. You may catch something bigger with it hopefully not something that flies………cheers.

  2. i agree with nancy; use live fish for bait! i catch catfish quite often in rio jama as well! it does seems strange to reel in those catfish! most of the fishermen use shrimp in the brackish waters here.

    keep showing us your catch – the ‘barking dog fish’ is cute! at least you’re not going to starve!

  3. Hi, how is the shore fishing in Ecuador going. I’m just going out for my first attempt. I’m in Ayampe and I am going to try fishing the tide up. I’m going to use a 3ft running ledger with a bit of fish on the hook.
    Cheers John

    • Hey John
      The fishing in my area is not so great. We catch mainly catfish from shore, a bit of a disappointment. Your area might be better as you have structure offshore, where as we only have sand and not very deep.
      Good luck! Keep me posted!

  4. Hey there! I just found your post. I lived in Manta for a year and fished with 7-foot rods from the shore.Same thing:just catfish. I’m still in Ecuador and moving back to the coast soon. I was wondering if you’ve progressed in your fishing??

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