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Things I’ve seen recently: sun ring, moth, fish

Here are a few pics of things I have seen in the past 2 days. Not sure this is one of my most interesting posts, but here it is…



Ring around the sun – thats one way to see a rainbow.


Fish I caught in the ocean.  I will start looking up what type the two fish are.  The one on the left is a bagre (catfish), I catch many of them here.


A moth on the screen.



Figuring it out…


5 thoughts on “Things I’ve seen recently: sun ring, moth, fish

  1. Hola! Interesting blog, I like the realism of your posts. Do you fish with a net or traditional fishing poles? I will be traveling to your area in July, my parents are joining me and they love to fish. Please let me know if there are fishing charters or a fisherman I can hire to take them fishing. They are senior citizens so a fast, wave jumper won’t work. Have you ever fished the Portoviejo river at the Boca in San Vicente? Thanks I appreciate any recommendations you can offer. Marty Williams

    • Hola Marty. Thanks for reading. I fish with a fishing pole from shore, but I am also interested in some deep sea fishing. Maybe we can pool our resources for a trip in July. There are a few other people who want to go as well. Also, we can hire a local fisherman on their normal boat for normal not too far out fishing. I have not fished the Portoviejo river yet as I am trying to learn how to fish the ocean. Once I get a handle on that, I will revert back to my Stateside fishing techniques for the rivers. I will try to make a post about fishing from shore here. Make sure to drop me a line when you get to San Clemente area and I will show you around. Ciao!

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