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Wow, what a crazy week!!

I didnt see that busy of a week coming at all! 6 puppies, 2 dogs, 1 dog spaying in my living room needing a second surgery the next day, 1 puppy needing constant wound management, 1 spayed dog that needed 24/7 attention so she wouldnt pull her stitches out, 3 nights of 4 inch rains, mopping my caretakers house constantly of all the water that leaked from the roof, drying my bed out each day, bailing out 5″ of water in the rain on the 3rd floor huge deck at 6 am for 2 hours after not sleeping 1 wink, 1/2 a day of drying the house out (mopping, towel drying, brooming, toweling), not being able to leave the house grounds for 6 days, moving the puppies out of 3″ of water each night to a drier location, screaming kids, gardener family needing help, installing 6 palm trees, trying to keep the water in the yard and not overflowing everything. Phew, im tired just typing this.Β  I gotta get some hammock time in today!!

Β DSCN0466

dog operation






11 thoughts on “Wow, what a crazy week!!

  1. You can cut a hole in the bottom of a bucket to make a more effective Elizabethan collar for the spayed dog. That will mean she cannot pull her stitches out. I laced it to a dog collar with some rope. We had a Rottweiler that realized he was strong enough to roll the vet’s E-collar over, so I switched to the bucket. Stopped him cold.

  2. Wow! You got broke in fast~n~furious !!! Iam so sorry about leaving you with the puppy and spaying situation. Give those baby pups away quick =) So, you had mucho llubia, huh? Man, we have got to leak proof everything !!! Sorry to hear about all the rain water issues, hopefully we can get those issues addressed soon. =/ How’s the injured pup doin? And Sadie? The palms look beautiful, just beautiful =) Hang in there big guy, I promise it will get less hectic and you’ll be able to spend several relaxing hours in that hammock πŸ˜‰ Thank you for all you do ❀ See ya in July =)

    • The spaying turned into more than anticipated, for sure, the rest will settle down. All dogs are doing great now. The hurt pup has healed and is back in with the others. I have named him Diablo because he sounds like he is possessed when he is growling/playing. Thanks for the support, I appreciate it.

  3. Hi Dave!
    Although things look Crazy for you,
    I cant really feel too bad considering your on the beach! πŸ™‚ You look happy and thats wonderful!! Have you heard we are supposed to get up to 1-2 FEET of snow in the next 24 hours here in Colorado??? WOW….What I wouldnt do to be in your neck of the woods this weekend! Happy Friday and hope your weekend is fabulous! I’ll send pics…

  4. The brightside – it’s warm down there. All that could be happening and you could be in CO in the winter. We only got 13″ and it’s melting off already!

  5. welcome to the rainy season! you certainly aren’t alone in your scramble to keep things from staying soaked! i know so many people who spend a fortune on dream homes and still have water problems in the rainy season!
    looks like you’re handling it all very well!

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