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My new job here in San Clemente

Whelp, I went and did it. I already have a job here. I thought coming down here was just for pleasure, but now it seems that is not the case. I met some real nice people, Gary and Shelly Gabel through Joe and Nancy (http://nanlevin.wordpress.com). It was a simple and quick discussion with Joe that got this ball rolling. Gary and Shelly were leaving San Clemente headed back to the states and they did not have a caretaker / guardian arranged for their property. Joe mentioned our short discussion and the meeting was set. We spent several hours together discussing the opportunity. The next day I accepted the position of Guardian for their residence. I think both parties will be happy with this arrangement.

Here are some pics of the caretakers quarters. It is just enough, without being too small or too big.





Here are some pics of the property and their house.





Boy, it has been 1 whirlwind of a first week here.  2 dogs, 8 puppies, rain, 6 new trees, roof fix, 2 dog surgeries, learning the ropes!

Figuring it out…


4 thoughts on “My new job here in San Clemente

  1. Oh that looks so awesome!!!!!! Congrats! What a job, it’s better than the stressful ones that we all have back here.

  2. We love having you as part of our family =) Sorry it was such a rough week after we left, It will get easier and you’ll have lotsa hammock time =) Give away the puppies and now that one outta two gaurd dogs are fixed, no more puppies in our future =)

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