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Where do you get your dog spayed in Ecuador???…


Here are some pics of Sadie the dog being spayed.

Prep time:





Operation time:



dog operation

This was definitely a difficult two days as there were complications after the first surgery.  We had to open her back up and seal off one unknown problem.  She is doing much better today after a bit of a scare about whether she would make it through a second surgery.  Dog lovers, no need to worry, everything was done professionally best I can tell.  Maybe not the most advanced operating room, but hey, this is Ecuador and this dog is treated better than 99% of the dogs in this country.  I hope the next surgery on the other dog goes smoother in 3 weeks.

Patricia to the rescue as usual!  Notice the other 8 pooches I had to take care of during this ordeal.


Figuring dogs out…


5 thoughts on “Where do you get your dog spayed in Ecuador???…

  1. WOW! How scary =0 What happened? Is my Sadie~girl ok? Doesn’t surprise me that it was in your living room, though, after all this is Ecuador !! Hope everyone is doing Well now =) but Iam glad I wasn’t there for this, although my Sadie could have needed me =/ and you could of needed some help too, Pat is always there when you need her. God love her !

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