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Carnival 2013

Well, Carnival sure has come to San Clemente.  This is my first time enjoying Carnival.  It has been a tremendously great time.  San Clemente is a small fishing village, but come time for a festival, this town transforms into party central.

Here is a before / after picture series of the town.

DSCN0303  DSCN0322

DSCN0296   DSCN0320

DSCN0297  DSCN0316

And now for the REAL party!!

The streets were packed with young people.  There is a long tradition of throwing water on people.  There was plenty of that going on.  Thank goodness for my waterproof camera.  The tradition has been updated to include using spray foam products from aerosol cans.  Pretty much every girl walking down the streets would be soaking wet or covered in spray foam.  Being a tall gringo, I was no exception to the spraying / soaking.  All in good fun.

DSCN0360  DSCN0358   DSCN0356   DSCN0357

Notice the foam on the top of the picture.  This pic was taken as I was getting sprayed.


The music was CRANKED past 11.  There was a different club every 3rd building, so if you stand in the correct spot, you can get a great blend of music.  Here are a few videos of the fun.  Keep in mind, these were shot in the middle of the day.




There were definitely girls totally nude dancing in the middle of the street last night.  Sorry, no video.  Everyone was having a great time, I didnt see any people beligerently drunk, no fighting.  It was a fantastic time in this great place with great people.  I cant find one negative thing to say about the Carnival experience in San Clemente!  Looking forward to next year already!!


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